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Liceo Artistico “M. Preti – A. Frangipane”

>Liceo Artistico “M. Preti – A. Frangipane” is a high school located in the heart of an area, primarily touristic, and carries out its task of training with highly qualified teachers. Our territory includes the areas of significant cultural, economic and touristic potential. Our school aims to give students a good general education. Our curricula offer complete cultural and artistic learning, through humanistic, scientific and artistic subjects. The artistic courses are:

  • Wooden furniture and interior design,
  • Visual Arts-Paintings and Plastic three- dimensional art works  
  • Architecture and Environment
  • Ceramic design  
  • Textile and Fashion design  
  • Graphic Design

Alternating activities between school and work is considered a very useful learning strategy against early school leaving, because it encourages socialization, self-esteem, cooperative learning and motivation to study , as well as establishing an active postgraduate orientation for a student’s future projection in the labour market or in University studies. Our institution offers the opportunity to work directly in the working reality by adhering to the demands of external stakeholders and provide students with a chnace to participate in congresses, fairs, conferences and meetings, in art and tourism sector.